WP Disable Comments

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struggles to keep WordPress working These are a couple of ways to disable comments and the words “comments closed”.  The first one after “also add:” worked for me.  Put it in the style sheet of the theme.


.comments-closed { display: none; }

also add:

.blog .comments-link { display: none; }

or simply:

.comments-link { display: none; }

2). This was another suggestion, I have not tried it yet. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Hello Toni, You can manually set up the settings going to Settings->Discussion ->Default Article Setting-> Check the Allow people to post comments on new articles. Then Going to Other comment settings Uncheck the Automatically close comments on articles older than …days. Save changes and it should remove the “comments closed” message.

I’m trying to reduce my use of plugins, I use many for my sites.  I prefer to have WordPress functions work through the structure of WP.

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