WordPress site for newbies – yes you can! It’s easy.

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Are you ready for a real WordPress Website?  Your own place to cultivate your own stuff?  Here’s how you do it for almost free.  As close as you can get.  No contracts or hosting pre-payment.

First: Do Not go to WordPress.org and download WordPress!  at all.

Second:  Try a WordPress.com blog for a while first.  Done that?  Read on…

This is a support thread comment that I wrote:

You should try the blog first at http://www.wordpress.com. Free and easy.  You will learn how to do the basics of everything you need to know for WordPress sites.

If you really want a WordPress website, not a WordPress.com blog: it’s super easy….almost free. Go for it!

http://www.hosthoot.com has everything you need cheap and with lots of tech support help.

There’s a video on their homepage.

(As a beginner, for you I don’t recommend GoDaddy because I have read about way too many issues specific to GoDaddy and WordPress. The way GoDaddy is setup or how it works makes some things with WordPress and plugins difficult or impossible.)

1). Web host – HostHoot.com
– $2 per month. Pay as you go, no prepaying ahead of time.
– with HostHoot.com you can quit anytime, no contracts.

– Web hosting is where your website is kept so that the public can see it and you can work on it.
– There are special programs needed to run a website. And security. A web host provides you with all of that set up for you.

2). Domain name: get it at HostHoot.com, $12 a year
– domain name is your URL: http://www.domainname.com
– you must have a domain name for your web site.
– it is the address for your own website. You make up the name yourself.
– you pay for this every year $12 at HostHoot.com, if you use HostHoot to buy your domain name. You can do that at other places.
– the domain name cannot change, the address for your site: http://www.yourdomain.com.
You can change your website name a million times, whenever you want to. The website name is what we see when we Open a Site at http://www.domain.com. On the web page.

3). Install WordPress – HostHoot.com has a button that you press.
It will install WordPress for you.
– Many web hosts have a button to install WP.
HostHoot.com is cheap and by far the best tech support I have ever had for WordPress sites – paid or free hosting.

4). Problems with WordPress – HostHoot will help you with any problems. Tell them you have never had a website before. They will help you.

  • After you use WordPress, if you have problems they will try to help you or guide you to answers. Or just fix it for you. I have 8 WP sites, lots of problems – they have always been more than helpful.

If you don’t want a website, do the WordPress.com blog instead. You can add pages to your blog like a website.

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