I See is a place for topics, information, and ideas, that impact the human condition.  Or whatever moves me.

I collect what interests, concerns, and consoles, me – I post them with or without my opinion.  Sometimes you will see a thought process that evolves, contradictory and convoluted, even stupid, especially in the duration of an ongoing event or issue.  I’d like to delete those, but I don’t.

Please don’t assume things about me that are not explicitly written by me.
I ponder many topics from many directions.  If I post something it does not mean that I “endorse” it.  It means that whatever it was caught my attention.  I am very liberal, but I do not hate or disrespect those who are not.  I am interested in all voices that are based on well-sourced facts, reasoned opinions; passionate but tempered by intense mutual respect and curiosity.

Important!  If I have offended you in some way do know that it was not my intent.  Please write to me so that I can learn from you and apologize directly to you.  If I have been too shallow, reactionary, have misinterpreted or misrepresented, provide me with more, and ideally better, source material.  If you think I may be interested, I probably am and do want to find more.

It Matters is one of my many blogs and sites.  It is duplicated on I Seehttps://pensivestates.wordpress.com/, on WordPress.com.  In fact, I See on WordPress existed before this site.  This site is unfinished, a reconstruction from a technical epic fail.

Wow!  Someone has actually read the Welcome page?  Who are you?  And thank you.



noun dis·course ˈdis-ˌkȯrs, dis-ˈ

Simple Definition of discourse