time capsules of Detroit, repeat

Photo project highlighting Detroit’s deterioration into a “ghost-town” through abandoned buildings, by Detroiturbex.   It is a huge project and well worth exploring, some outstanding architectural photos. Click to enlarge images.

St. Agnes, Martyrs of Uganda
St. Agnes, Martyrs of Uganda Parish Church
With some time having elapsed since our first visit, a look at how St. Agnes has changed

This part of the project features Cass Technical High School.  The photos below reveal a history encapsulated into single images.  Room for room.  Photos from the school’s past – a past full of vibrancy and potential – superimposed onto the most recent images of a decayed, lifeless, shell.  Desks, chairs and equipment left in place.  Tragic loss.  The first one is my favorite.

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Detroiturbex.com – Exploring and Understanding the City of Detroit.  Highly recommended.  Some outstanding architectural photographs.

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