the only American not on Earth on 9/11

Let’s take this day to remember the sacrificed in this crime of hate against humanity, and that was it perpetrated by neither a country nor a religion.

A fascinating and powerful perspective of the day’s events as seen by an astronaut, a truly global vision.  A singularity that changed history.  Article from The Atlantic

The Story of the Only American Not on Earth on September 11th

Astronaut Frank Culbertson watched from the Space Station as the attacks unfolded on the ground.

“When astronauts describe the feeling of sailing around space, looking at our planet from hundreds of miles above, they often invoke the phrase “orbital perspective,” a shorthand for the emotional, psychological, and intellectual effects of seeing “the Earth hanging in the blackness of space.” This experience is characterized by not merely awe, but, as astronaut Ron Garan puts it, “a sobering contradiction. On the one hand, I saw this incredibly beautiful, fragile oasis — the Earth. On the other, I was faced with the unfortunate realities of life on our planet for many of its inhabitants.”

This tension was particularly poignant on 9/11, when the effects of violence on Earth were actually visible from space, as captured in the photograph above. At the time, three people were not on Earth: Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Tyurin and Vladimir Dezhurov, and American Frank Culbertson, making Culbertson the only American not on Earth during the 9/11 attacks…”


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