sacrifice zones

There are forgotten corners of this country where Americans are trapped in endless cycles of poverty, powerlessness, and despair as a direct result of capitalistic greed.

“These are areas that have been destroyed for quarterly profit. We’re talking about environmentally destroyed, communities destroyed, human beings destroyed, families destroyed,” Hedges tells Bill.

“It’s the willingness on the part of people who seek personal enrichment to destroy other human beings… And because the mechanisms of governance can no longer control them, there is nothing now within the formal mechanisms of power to stop them from creating essentially a corporate oligarchic state.”   – Chris Hedges

– From Chris Hedges on Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’ – Bill Moyers & Company

The Conversation

Read the article and watch the Bill Moyers interview with Chris Hedges:

The Book

“For his latest book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt…Pulitzer prizewinning author Chris Hedges collaborated with awardwinning cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco to produce a heartfelt, harrowing picture of post-capitalist America. Together they explore the country’s ‘sacrifice zones’ – areas that have been offered up for exploitation in the name of profit, progress, and technological advancement – and show in words and images what life looks like in places where the marketplace rules without constraints.” – The Guardian, Books

“The focus of this book was to make the invisible visible” by combining journalism and graphic arts to tell the story.  Exposing the issues and disseminating information to a much wider audience.

Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco:
drawing America’s invisible poor – audio slideshow

The Columnist

Chris Hedges weekly articles on

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One of the areas Hedges focuses on in his book, Welch West Virginia:

Economic transformation of Welch, West Virginia: from mines to prisons
(Another disturbing corporate takeover is prisons, I have addressed before:


  • Welch was “The heart of the nation’s coal bin”.
  • The annual Veterans Day parade has had distinguished speakers as Presidents Truman and Johnson as speakers.
  • The McDowell County Courthouse and Welch Commercial Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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