How to rob Africa

Corruption in Africa: U.S. citizens complain about giving financial aid to impoverished 3rd World countries, yet as this short documentary made by people from Zimbabwe reveals that the type of corruption that is robbing African nations of millions, billions of dollars involves the creation of shell companies so that huge sums of money can be deposited in secret offshore accounts. If we in the West want Africans to be independent of our handouts, then perhaps this practice should be completely exposed and halted. The Zimbabwe Minister of Finance says on camera that they have evidence of the number of pounds of diamonds being mined and exported, but no money reported or paid in taxes. He also says that the police force in his country is not sophisticated enough to find out what’s really going on. The African countries get no financial reward from the removal of mineral resources. They wouldn’t need our money if they could get their own.

I will add that the diamonds are also used to fund the warlords. The people that murder, terrorize, brutalize, cut off hands and feet, kidnap children and force them into soldiers, and force locals to work the mines. Hence the term “Blood Diamonds”.
Short documentary: How to Rob Africa

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