Dead Dogs

I am reminded in the wake of recent legal events…

Michael Vick went to prison for killing dogs.

No indictment for the police officer that used a lethal tactic, one that had been officially stopped 20 years ago by the NYPD, which resulted in Eric Garner’s death.  An unauthorized lethal tactic in a non life threatening situation.  One of the numerous marshal arts moves Mr.Garner suffered under during his death.  These were specially trained, non-uniformed, officers.

I mentioned this before and would like to note that Michael Brown tried to take an armed policeman’s gun.  He was not shot for stealing cigars.  Eric Garner’s death was shocking. Unfortunately, Michael Brown’s was not.

The Ohio deaths are in this consideration as well.  I do not know enough details to comment.  I did just see the video about the child with the toy gun in Cleveland.  I am not able to deal with it at the moment.

There is a question raised, what happened to de-escalating a situation?

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