Cop shoots into dark stairwell and…

an innocent man is dead.  Yes, the victim was an unarmed black man.  But keep reading, this event was different.

First let me be clear:  I only fear 3 things: guns, cops, prison.  I am not “anti-gun”.  I am not “anti-cop”.  I fear cops because they have guns and are the first step to prison whether I am guilty or not.

Skirting the Edges of Anarchy

I filled in details of the case mentally and accurately before I read the entire story.  I’m not bragging, I was surprised because my scenario was nightmarishly ridiculous.  Based on my semi-irrational fear of guns and our protectors, the only citizens milling among us daily whose task requires guns, cops.  And the climate of the current police culture in which cops are pissed off, freaked out, and victims. Randomly targeted, murdered.

If you wish to tear apart the fabric of society, destruction and mass casualties are counterproductive.  Antagonize any aggressive people with guns, they always exist in collectives.  Injustice to one, is justice to all.  Retaliation is mandatory.  Add just a statistical few pissed off, freaked out, egocentric, non-public serving, or incompetent, cops and watch the fabric unravel spontaneously.

Some people, including cops, are losing their minds whether from anger or fear.  Duck and cover people.  The communities suffering real or perceived injustices are rising, and some do not follow the Martin Luther King, Jr. – Gandhi model.  They have guns and little respect for the law.


The Crime

Former officer Lliang, who was a rookie, continues to freak out. I felt his remorse for the victim genuine. Now he mourns again, his life is over, prison awaits.

Police officers Liang and his partner were on “vertical patrol”, meaning a staircase.  There was no crime or call.  Officer Liang heard something and shot into the darkness of the staircase.  The bullet ricochetted off a wall and hit a man walking with his girlfriend one floor below.  Once the officers discovered the injured man, they didn’t render medical aid.  They watched Akai Guley die.

This case is similar to others in that the officers were incompetent under duress, one was clearly focused on self-preservation.  What does differ is: the lack of frustration and a crime scene – real, suspected, or perceived, stunning level of incompetence, and possibly remorse.  Former officer Liang was not indifferent, defensive, or defiant.  Facts: Officer Liang didn’t continue to shoot into Akai Gurley’s body, didn’t stand over Gurley with his with his foot on the man’s body – making calls, Liang didn’t create a story or tamper with the body to justify his action, and didn’t claim fear of the victim for wild shooting.

Why Fear?

These rookie cops were simply terrified with guns drawn for no reason other than they were in public housing.
Stunning Incompetence

“Neither officer offered medical assistance to Gurley once they realized he had been hit by the shot. Both testified that they felt unqualified to do so because of poor CPR training at the police academy.”

“At trial, he [former officer Liang] said he was startled by an unidentified sound as he entered the stairwell with his gun drawn, causing his finger to slip onto the trigger and fire.”

“He tearfully described his horror when he realized minutes later that Gurley had been hit.”


Justice Prevailed

“But prosecutors accused him of deliberately firing toward the sound and ignoring the fact that only another person could have made such a noise.  They also said he acted recklessly in drawing his weapon in the first place.”

Source:  The NYPD fires partner of cop convicted of manslaughter in stairwell shooting after victim’s family calls for his dismissal 

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Race Matters

A quick, not yet cited, update.  Former officer Lliang killed a man because he was afraid – of the black (I assume) community that he was in.   He shot into the dark at a sound.  Asian groups are protesting in favor of Lliang.  I do not know what their premise is yet.   I find that incredible.

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