Che Guevara’s daughter fears Donald Trump’s ‘madness’ could destroy humanity

Visually striking headline. I am intrigued by the epic verbiage. I am instantly amused to see ‘Che Guevara‘ in the same phrase as ‘Donald Trump‘ with ‘madness‘.

World/PTI New Dehli Oct, 08 2017 Legendary Cuban Communist revolutionary Che Guevara’s
daughter fears that the “madness” of US president Donald Trump could “destroy” humanity.

“The man has so much power to destroy humanity, and we are part of that humanity. That is the problem. That he has the power, and no conscience.”
~ Dr Aleida Guevara March

“Without question, Mr. Trump has no conscience. Any means to an end. He justifies any “ideas”, whims, fights, by applause. The more cheers he gets the harder he fights. A pure populist. I do not understand why any honorable, patriotic, or military person supports President Donald Trump.

He has no defining principles neither political, ideological, nor ethical. Self-preservation above all is tantamount; Mr. Trump does not take ownership of anything negative, is viciously disloyal – he will stab anyone in the back to save his image, and lies effortlessly regardless of factual records, recordings, or documentation. He will never think or say, “The buck stops here”. He never presents or seems to care about details in strategy or plan. “Really great”, adjectives are not details. Nor is Mr. Trump a true patriot.
He has zero knowledge or respect for the founding principles this great nation was built on, no interest in US history or the core documents of the republic like the Constitution and the power of our democracy in the ‘checks and balances’ of each branch of government. He does not, and never has, put ‘America First’ in his own private or business affairs. He does not encourage his children to do so.”





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