A Taste of the Clinton Machine |watch your back

Voting for Hillary?  Suspicious?  Curious?  Just Dislike?

This video presents a small, but important for its narative supported by documentation, example of the Clinton machine.  Stunning modus operandi.  It is an in-depth, 10-minute preview for a documentary.

I’m not out to “smear” Hilliary Clinton.  That implies that I have an agenda.  Vote and support who you will.  Be fully receptive and aware.  Full disclosure, cards on the table, etc.  Information is precious, facts a rare commodity.  If there isn’t some record or paper trail, I’ll be polite but totally indifferent.  My head is like a sieve, your words will pass through it like dirt laden, muddy, water.  Only good for obfuscating and clogging drains.  I’ll wash away the residue as if I have heard nothing.

C’mon!  They screwed Stan Lee – American icon, superhero creator extraordinaire.

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