I have a wide, meandering, range of interests that I narrowed for this site.  They range from ancient history, culture, religion, and the arts to current global events and foreign policy (see also I See).  These are sourced from feeds.  The things I like to keep up with, check in on, learn about, and find inspiration from.  The sources come and go, disappear.  I try to find new and better ones.

I also have other websites for WordPress dev, currents events, ESL, and more.

Choose from a heading below.

Ancient Writing Systems

A classification of ancient and modern writing systems.  This is a page from the site,  - a compendium of world-wide writing systems from prehistory to today.   The links will take you to the source site.  It's a great starting point...

Global Events

Global/International Current Events.  World news and foreign policy feeds refreshed daily.  Not simply headlines, but ideally covering stories from more in depth sources about the topics of the day. Council on Foreign Relations | The World Next W...

History of English Podcast

Excellent!  I highly recommend this series.  Very interesting presentation and approach to history.  And you'll get to hear a little Middle and Old English.  


Religion, Ethics and Spirituality page in progress Buddhist Channel  news  and website  has a variety of sections of interest. New Age Islam  website vehemently rejects the terrorist/Jihadist model and promotes Islam as a religion of peace and ...

Buddhist Channel

The Buddhist Channel website is a great place to explore.  I am not a Buddhist, I enjoy the site.  It is modern in scope and covers global issues, news, regional reports along with a variety of topics including archaeology, arts and culture, opinions, c...

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