Behold! I am interesting, gaze upon my stuff.

Like most of us, I have a wide range of interests.  I use blogs and websites to collect what catches my attention so that I have access to it all again.  My external hard drive.  I have no real purpose other than that for my personal sites.  Writing helps me to process and ideally learn, or express my opinion at the time – which evolves over time.  I share because I can.


Field Grass

This site.  Mind and eye candy.  Things I find striking or noteworthy throughout the human experience.  Random.  Governed by little more than my mind on any given day.

I See

Social, political, and global, matters that concern me.  A place to document current events and to dare to express my opinion.

WordPress Struggles

How I build and destroy my WordPress websites.  Documentation of process, error, and success as well as the elements involved – like which WP plugins I love and those I must avoid.  Along with WP info and tutorials that I find useful.

Make Tech Work

An underutilized place about the electronics, devices, and gadgets, I try.  Things I setup and try to use either as designed or imagined.