why I love Joe Biden

The story and photograph are a year old.  The image is priceless.

Vice President Biden with 15-year-old Kobe Groce, Nov. 2012
Vice President Biden and 15 yr old Kobe Groce, Nov. 2012

This is an abbreviated version:  The Vice President had been speaking in the gym of a local high school in Florida.  Kobe was 15 at the time.  He had watched, listened and then waited hopefully to encounter VP Biden – despite the massive crowd between them.  He wanted VP Biden to sign a “Forward” placard that he planned to give to his older brother.

A staffer noticed Kobe, and listened to his story.  Moments later the staffer returned to tell him:  “The Vice President would like to meet you.”

The Vice President approached me and I was introduced to him as a ‘special guest.’ I was overwhelmed with different emotions. I had this impulse to hug him, so I did. And I cried. I think I even got tears on the Vice President’s suit jacket! I met someone who has done so much for my family without even knowing us, and that was an incredible, overwhelming feeling. I felt like he really heard me, like he knew who I was…

They talked for some time.  Toward the end of their conversation:

I explained to the Vice President that the reason I was there was because my older brother inspired me to do so. He said, ‘Do you have his phone number?’ Then he called him and said, ‘Kaelin, this is Vice President Biden’ and they chatted for about five minutes!…

Joe Biden has long been a personal favorite of mine.  He is amazing in so many ways.  He is who he is, and says what he believes.  Politics is not a game he plays well.  I cherish and honor that.

From the original and illegible website:

I read it here:

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