Ravi Shankhar revisited

ravi_shankhar_anoushkaRavi Shankhar was nominated for another Grammy in 2014.  He died in 2012, at 92 years old.  I was thinking about him, so I put together a few pieces to enjoy.  His daughter is also exceptional and I have included her as well, but not her own modern work.  She is playing classic music here.


Ravi Shankar is the Godfather of World Music
– George Harrison

ravi_shankhar_harrison_sitarRavi Shankar was a world-renowned musician, composer, performer, and scholar of classical Indian music.  He is an important facet of classical Hindustani/Indian music, 20th century music and even pop culture.  He came into prominence in the West when George Harrison took up the sitar.  Harrison introduced Shankhar to Us in the 1960’s.   They maintained a lifelong close relationship. They both devoted their lives and gave concerts for peace.  Thus World Music began to blossom on the global stage.  Long before it had a name.


I have been listening Ravi Shankhar since I have had memories.  My oldest sister loved his music, my father just cringed and tried to tolerate it from another room.

A very brief segment from the “Monterrey Pop Festival”, 1967,  featuring Ravi Shankar:

There are seemingly countless works by Ravi Shankhar over his long career.  I am not familiar with them, this is just a micro drop.   I do know that old studio, analog, sitar recordings on CDs, especially on YouTube, are not appealing to my ear – they are too tinny to just to sit and enjoy.  So, I have short segments of live performances here.

Visit Ravi Shankhar’s site to hear a few truly beautiful pieces!  They load with the pages.

Ravi Shankhar’s  Monterrey Pop Fest performance with intro footage of the festival in all its 1967 glory.  A visual time capsule,  if you want to see a real hippie scene and then enjoy an outstanding performance:  http://youtu.be/h5sRbmJdsFI

An excerpt of Ravi Shankar’s “Concert for World Peace”  North Indian Classical Music:  http://youtu.be/whLhMVLQSbA

1997  As part of India & Pakistan’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, Pandit Ravi Shankar, accompanied by his daughter Anoushka Shankar, perform live for the BBC at The Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

Great concert featuring Ravi Shankar’s daughter Anoushka Shankar.  Ravi is in the audience.  There is a large portrait of George Harrison behind her – perhaps a concert after Harrison was killed.   http://youtu.be/AHE-CbKC8Vc

Lively, but a less wild, piece: http://youtu.be/ieBNKL5xM7U

See also:  Indian Classical Music, by Ravi Shankhar

Read more about Ravi Shankhar:

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