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There is a website, Do You Remember?, that I have found useful and entertaining.  A reader wisely submitted it to me.  The site itself is deluxe, very well done with a large variety of content.  It is full of things you remember, as the name says, especially once you see things again and can put them in perspective – or just laugh.  But there is more.  Pop cultural mecca.  Hard to describe properly,  I share it with you all to explore and enjoy.

The website Do You Remember?

This entry, among others, caught my eye.  I am not a Hip Hop Rap fan, but I dig Public Enemy…

10 Hip-Hop Songs That Changed History


While hip-hop today is known for its unabashed celebration of misogyny, drugs, money and violence, rappers of the past had incredible success with a different, less materialistic message. In the ’70s, Gil Scott-Heron combined hip-hop beats with spoken-word poetry about political issues, while others laced lyrics with more controversial themes. Groups such as Public Enemy—led by rappers Chuck D and Flavor Flav—followed suit in the ’80s with songs about social injustice, racism and the changing economy. In honor of Chuck D’s 53rd birthday today, here’s our pick of the 10 best socially conscious hip-hop songs.

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