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I had duplicated a site toni-english.com, changed the domain to toni-esl.com and host of the duplicate site.  Epic nightmare.

NEWS: My MultiSite domain toni-english.com is the name of a famous porn star – YEARS of random blocks from some hosts, sometimes AT&T only from my home network, and other security issues solved!!

There were several huge disasters in this process starting with database corrupted dupe. Another post for those will come.  Maybe – I didn’t do anything, it was 2 weeks of non-stop, daily, work by tech support at Host Hoot.   I just prayed.

This is the final issue that remains unresolved for toni-esl.com.   My host tech support was baffled.  JetPack/WordPress.com connection error.  I got 403 errors and “site not publicly accessible” when I pressed “Connect to WordPress.com” on the JetPack Admin Page.

I started a support thread on WP.org/JetPack plugin.  This is the response I got from the developer.

Jetpack uses your site’s XML-RPC file to communicate with WordPress.com. Unfortunately I cannot access that file on your site at the moment: http://toni-esl.com/xmlrpc.php

If you use a security plugin to block access to the file, you’ll need to configure it to allow incoming and outgoing connections to /xmlrpc.php.

If you do not use such plugin, you’ll want to contact your hosting provider and ask them if they currently block access to your site’s XML-RPC file.

I hope this helps. Please get in touch again if you have any questions.

I will update this when something happens.  I will let tech support mess with this.

Source: WordPress › Support » Cannot connect JetPack “site not publicly accessible”

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