WordFence Never Again

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WordFence is not a plugin for novices or amateurs.   It isn’t a bad plugin, it is well-developed, supported, and maintained.  It is powerful and will take your site down if not used with proper knowledge.  If you simply remove WordFence your site will go down – there is a process to follow with that too.

I do not know why I installed WordFence again.  It does permanent, difficult to remove, changes to your WordPress install.  Cuts off my access using XML-RPC to WordPress.com thru JetPack.  Also, that means I can’t use apps to create posts.  And more things that I do not recall.  Even following the uninstall process and using a plug-in to remove WordFence files, there are still undone changes to the wp_config file.


Fortunately, tech support at WPMU removed the Wordfence stuff, twice.  One tech was very familiar with WordFence.  Whew!



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