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Site Optimization and Compression Basics

I have been looking into site compression with Apache.   Mainly just curious.  I asked my host tech at HostHoot.com support why compress and the advantages of full site compression vs. MIME – text files, scripts.  This is the response: Question > What…

New Super-optimizing Plugin, Hummingbird

Scan your site for a full performance report and recommendations.

WordPress optimization can be tricky.  Especially for my sites.  I typically use a lot of plugins, so lots of scripts. Tons.  And I have a caching plugin that I love, Zen Cache.  I haven’t tried this one yet.  Given the source and the…

Limit WP resource usage

From HostHoot.com tech support 02/02/2015 02:02 Host Hoot Support || Staff As a backup plugin, UpdraftPlus will use plenty of I/O (input/output) resources and CPU. If your website is small – e.g. just made up of some blog posts, and reasonably-sized images, then…

ESL network | status

My Network: toni-english.com is in very good shape.  No problems (post W3 Total Cache plugin) -MultiSite network with 6 sites – all mine. -I have 170 plugins, activated a only few per site. 1). Main Site: 70+ pages, lots of imported content via RSS,…

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