t2.com images mess up

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My images are goofed up on toni-two.com.  A letter to Tech Support at Giganet.  Because I am totally confused!  This is just for keeping track.

Hi, I have a lot going on, a lot of messed up things on multiple sites I can’t keep track of, and I am still confused.  This is a huge issue.  This is my limited understanding, please correct my errors?

  1. Images in my site are now linked like this: https://i2.wp.com/toni-two.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Nick_Brandt_ranger_with_tusks21.jpg
  2. Images are now not pointing to the site WordPress Media Folder via the designed WordPress structure.  They are pointing to different URL than the original WordPress was designed with.
  3. You suggested that I upload the images to the correct folder, I think?  Download then upload again or what?
  4. Plugins and functionality for media dependant on the original WP absolute URL and file structure to access media files are not working.
  5. I crosspost my blog posts to a WordPress.com blog, now all those media files will all be broken.
  6. You suggested I contact the plugin developer.  But, if the linked media files are not pointing to the file structure as they are supposed to be in it is not in the developer’s control.
  7. You cannot correct my media links in my sites.
  8. I do not want: https://i2.wp.com… in my absolute URLs no matter where the media is actually located.
  9. Why did you implement this structure at all and without informing me?  WordPress is so fragile, easy to break, I don’t understand why you would change anything.  And why I would have to manually redo for a work around.
So either I don’t get it or you don’t get WordPress.  I think you are familiar with WordPress!  Must be me.  Either way, this is a disaster.

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