Subdomain in MultiSite Network

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This is a support thread that I will post on under MultiSite Support.  Referring to

After I migrated to a new host via tech support, a subdomain is now integrated into the MultiSite (MS) network admin menu, so likely the network itself.

I want to understand what is going on before I deal with it. Documentation hasn’t clarified much for the time spent, due to my lack of knowledge.
Please skip down to *QUESTIONS*.

I have a WP MultiSite network and subdomains.
The subdomains are:
WP MS network sites as:
CHANGE: I migrated to a new host. Tech support did the migration, not me. They handle WordPress, but I am not sure they know MultiSites well.

RESULT: One subdomain site has become integrated into the MultiSite (MS) network – in that, I can navigate to the subdomain from the MS Network Admin Menu droplist of network sites.

*QUESTIONS*: I kind of like the subdomain in the MS network for nav purposes, but I need to understand…

  1. Does having a subdomain in the MultiSite network cause structural or functional issues for that network? (Is it a poor idea?)
  2. How do the directory structures differ between an external subdomain vs network integrated subdomain? (What are the file structures supposed to look like?)
  3. Stupid question: this integration of the subdomain into the MS network means that if the MS network goes down, that subdomain goes too? (If so, it defeats the purpose of a subdomain)

Any input is appreciated! Links, etc. too. I am not tech literate but trying to learn, please be basic level.

Thank you!

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