Site death, again… RIP

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I put my personal stuff on a WP MultiSite,, I only had two sites.  My interests and pretty stuff, then my serious world issues stuff on /global. I use a huge quantity of plug-ins, so I know there’s a lot of garbage in my database.  Leftovers from deleted plug-ins.  I have database optimizers, but there’s still garbage there.  Based on what I have figured out.  I want that stuff gone so my installations don’t break apart – again.  So I decided to use a plug-in.

Plugins Garbage Collector scans your WordPress database and shows the tables beyond of core WordPress installation. Some WordPress plugins create and use its own database tables. Those tables are left in your database after plugin deactivation and deletion often. If your blog is more than 1 day old you have some plugins garbage in your WordPress database probably. With the help of this plugin you can check your database and discover if it is clean or not. Extra columns added to the core WordPress tables could be shown also.To read more about ‘Plugins Garbage Collector’ visit this link at

Plugins Garbage Collector.  Seemed to be what I was looking for.  It found stuff.  But I decided to delete everything it found, I knew better.  Somehow my sub-site was chopped up.  The title was blank in my MS network admin menu.  So I deleted the site from within the network settings.  None off that makes sense, so I had to write it down. Then I tried it on my huge site and network,  Fortunately, the plug-in didn’t work.  Because that would have been a catastrophe of epic proportions. Sigh, I suck.

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