RSS Multi Importer plugin is gone?!?  Tragedy.

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I am stunned. And in a huge mess.  I have used this plugin for years.  My sites depend on it.  Now it is unavailable, disappeared from the plugin catalog.

It was one of the few plugins that was absolutely robust, well designed and executed.  I’ve never had problems with it – that alone is a marvel.  I can’t find a replacement for it.  I’ve tried almost 10 free plugins so far.  It imported RSS feeds to display or auto-post to your site.  I have 100 feeds going into one of my sites.  RSS Multi Importer allowed you to:

– Display multiple RSS feeds by category

– Auto-post by categories

– Control the parameters for the display

– Handled several feeds at one time

– Central RSS feed management

Managing multiple feeds is difficult.  Displaying multiple feeds is difficult.  When you have 10 RSS feeds to display in one section alone, adding them all on the page one by one is a huge hassle.  Keeping up with the feed activity is impossible – how can you check to see if a feed is generating posts manually?  Don’t ask.  Displaying feeds is a headache.  Rearranging feeds is a poor very idea.

Now I may end up manually adding these feeds to the places in which they belong.  I hope that I find a plugin that works intelligently with multiple feeds.  Adding each feed URL, separated by a comma, in a shortcode, is not intelligent.  I will not know how much activity, if any, there is with a given feed unless I manually check through to see what has posted.

No matter what I do, I have to manually copy/paste 100 RSS feed titles and URLs.  First I hope to find any plugin that will handle groups, so far no, then figure out where they will all be placed…etc.   This SUCKS.

I will say that I did find a plugin that looked promising.  I can’t pay $60 for the feature I need.  I donate to developers, I can’t pay that much.  I’m a volunteer, an individual, my site doesn’t generate cash – that would defeat part of its premise.  Disaster as I cobbled together a solution.  While I week to fix a different issue.

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