My Migration: all sorts of issues!

I collect content without permission for WP Struggles*. Please visit the original sites, especially to share and comment.

Back to my woes!  I have 2 WP MultiSites that I have migrated to a new host.

  1. I deleted the content from a subsite of

All of my online lab work, links, quizzes, puzzles, etc that I created.  My old host Host Hoot – they were great, now they suck – had my sites on a server that couldn’t run backs.  They did not inform me.  So I am trying to restore, manually, an old Softaculous backup on my on Linux PC at home.  I have NO idea how to do this.

I installed a WP MultiSite on a Linux laptop.  I have no idea to do anything there, database etc.

*My WP sites serve as my reference collections and notes for everything I do or have interest in for my use only.  I use copied content on this MultiSite network and my ESL MultiSite at