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imageI have almost and partially decimated my WordPress installations.  I tried plugins for security, backup, and optimization again.  Things had been going extremely well for a long time.   The memory spiked and stayed elevated.  I uninstalled WordFence hastily, and apparently incorrectly.  The host disabled Cron.  The site disappeared because I altered a file to correct a problem that created a conflict with a residual WordFence file.  Did a full restore from a backup, so I could install then uninstall WordFence according to their instructions – which are very well-done.  They have a plugin to remove residual WordFence files as well.

These are not bad plugins, I just can’t use them.

I’ve tried before and did not learn.  This time, they either caused site damage, memory/CPU overload, or hung up.

  • – caused crazy Cron issues
  • – conflict with JetPack
  •  – the “lite” version.  I had problems before, don’t know why I tried it again.  The dev is a great guy.

I had to restore with a backup.  This is only a part of the latest issues.  First installment.

Were it not for my host, HostHoot, my sites would be gone.



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