How to Set Up WordPress Multisite – A Beginner’s Tutorial

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I have had a couple of WordPress MultiSite networks for years.  It is built-in to WordPress, free, and easy to set-up and use.  This site is part of a WP MS under the main domain of  I use MS because I have different blogs and sites that have separate topics or functions.  I use a lot of plugins on some sites – so I avoid conflicts from powerful plugins.

This article provides the easiest to understand presentation on MultiSites.  It is very thorough but at a basic level.  Highly recommended!

From the article:

Basically, it means you can create a network of sites with the same effort it takes to create one. And yet, using Multisite is just as easy as using WordPress in the conventional way.

How Is Multisite Different From A Single WordPress Install?

A WordPress Multisite install and a single install are not all that different. However, you will find differences in three main areas:

  • The WordPress admin screen
  • Files found in the WordPress directory
  • The WordPress database

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