How to repair wp-posts dbase table

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There was a huge panic today.  All of my Pages, Posts and Media were missing from the main site of  All 70 pages, 200 posts and 250 images.  But the site and everything else was still there.  Including the sub-sites.  I could update plugins and themes.  Bizarre, but it follows this post exactly – and the info is great to know:

How to Repair a Crashed WordPress Posts Table.

by Sarah Gooding

“Every now and then the WordPress posts table will crash and screw up your website. Why does this happen? It’s not always clear how tables get corrupted, although it can usually be attributed to an unexpected event, such as the MySQL server or the server host getting killed in the middle of an update, causing interrupted writes to the database.

Symptoms of a Crashed Posts Table

If you navigate to the “All Posts” or “All Pages” screen in the WordPress admin and find nothing there, your first instinct is probably to freak out.What happened to all of my content?! Don’t worry; it’s still there. This is often a symptom of a crashed posts table in the database. It’s the MySQL equivalent to a throwing a tantrum, but it’s easily fixed, so you should stay calm…”

the part for me:

“Log into your host’s control panel and launch phpMyAdmin. Select your database and then look for the wp_posts table. Chances are that it’s not going to look like the other tables and will probably say “In Use”:

Scary, right?!
Scary, right?!

This is the table that is bedeviling you and you’ll want to select it and then click on “Repair Table” in the dropdown:

Repair Table
Repair Table

This should have you all fixed up. Visit your site to verify that your posts and pages are back to normal. Note: This also works for other corrupted tables, i.e. wp_options, etc. It’s a fairly easy solution to a problem that presents itself as a dire emergency on the frontend of your WordPress site. File this one away for the next time you suspect a corrupted table.”

read the simple repair methods…via How to Repair a Crashed WordPress Posts Table.

Thanks Sarah Gooding!

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