ESL network | status

I collect content without permission for WP Struggles*. Please visit the original sites, especially to share and comment.

My Network: is in very good shape.  No problems (post W3 Total Cache plugin)

-MultiSite network with 6 sites – all mine.
-I have 170 plugins, activated a only few per site.

1). Main Site: 70+ pages, lots of imported content via RSS, occasional network crossposts, YouTube channels/playlists embeds, import auto-post from a blog. And content.

Other sites are very small:

2). One site managed by plugin Memphis Documents Library 500 PDFs docs.

3). One site bbPress for writing practice

4). One site simple static content of English lessons.

5). One site has plugins active for creating/administering quizzes and word puzzles.

6). One site simple blog for my class prep

*My WP sites serve as my reference collections and notes for everything I do or have interest in for my use only.  I use copied content on this MultiSite network and my ESL MultiSite at