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Quality WP security info.  Easy to understand fully and quickly because of the the graphics.  Not another loooong techno-babble article referencing things I never understood to begin with.  I have used a few of the security plugins recommended, they are solid choices – well maintained, stable, and *non-destructive.

BulletProof Security is excellent, large amount of features – detailed, but informative and user-friendly.   The support is also excellent.  There was a small conflict with JetPack at the time.  I must have JetPack and XML-RPC access to post from mobile apps, so I stopped using it.  Plus I have hundreds of plugins on my other MultiSite.  Still, I highly recommend it.  You can learn a huge amount about WP and security from the plugin.

One of my many total-site-decimations was due to a security plugin…

*Years ago, I lost super admin access from a complicated security plugin.  I didn’t even know what setting caused that to happen or the method used.  My web host tech support couldn’t hack it, poor plugin support.  I had to export what I could, manually move media – I lost a lot of content, and had duplicate the site or sites manually on a new WP install. (I couldn’t install plugins.)

How to Improve WordPress Security [Infographic]


*I love working on my WordPress websites! I have maybe 8 or more sites.  They serve as my reference collections for everything I do or have interest in.  None are noteworthy on this MultiSite, maybe a couple of sites in my MultiSite at  I am neither a coder, designer (of anything original), nor do I have any creative sense of color.  Web design is a huge challenge both technically and visually. So, I collect content for reference purposes.