The Essential Guide to Content Formatting to Increase Time on Page

Content formatting is an important piece of the puzzle that is blogging and content marketing. While you would think that the information inside your posts is what matters most, it turns out that the presentation is just as important. While the content is what gets people on your site, it’s format is what makes them …
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Create a WP Favicon

I need a favicon.  This article covers it all.  They use GIMP, free PhotoShop like software,  for the tutorial.  I left out the section about the history of the favicon. Source:   A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO WORDPRESS FAVICONS JOHN HUGHESNOVEMBER 28, 2016 Your brand is undoubtedly going to suffer if you don’t establish a clear …
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Safe WP Upgrade to PHP7

I tried to upgrade to PHP 7 thru cPanel and crashed my site.  So I need this info.  There are other useful tools in this article as well. Source: September 14, 2017 UPGRADE WORDPRESS TO PHP 7: HOW TO DO IT SAFELY CATEGORIESFEATURED, WORDPRESS TOOLS PHP 7 offers one of the biggest jumps in performance we’ve …
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5 Tips for a Faster, Safer WordPress Website

Website and application visitors expect their online experiences to be both fast and secure. This is especially true as websites and applications are more frequently used as the primary storefront for businesses, support transactions with sensitive information, and store private customer data. With over 28 percent of the world’s websites running on WordPress, they are …
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How to Podcast 101

This is a tutorial to start a podcast.  I have been considering podcasts for my ESL class that I teach.  Something else that I should not spend time on. How to Start Your Own Podcast (Step by Step) Last updated on November 21st, 2016 by Editorial Staff Are you looking to start a podcast? Want to know what …
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