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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Site Transfer Giganet 2016

My images are goofed up on  A letter to Tech Support at Giganet.  Because I am totally confused!  This is just for keeping track. Hi, I have a lot going on, a lot of messed up things on multiple sites I can’t keep track of, and I am still confused.  This is a huge …
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Cannot post or Google Search Verify

New problem on but possibly the entire WordPress MultiSite network on I cannot post or verify with Google site ownership “cannot connect to server”.    Today I got  500 server timed out error.  Sigh.  Been de-activating and deleting plugins to no avail. 5 Feb.  No response Host Hoot support. Moving to another …
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Site death, again… RIP

I put my personal stuff on a WP MultiSite,, I only had two sites.  My interests and pretty stuff, then my serious world issues stuff on /global. I use a huge quantity of plug-ins, so I know there’s a lot of garbage in my database.  Leftovers from deleted plug-ins.  I have database optimizers, but …
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