Site death, again… RIP

I put my personal stuff on a WP MultiSite,, I only had two sites.  My interests and pretty stuff, then my serious world issues stuff on /global. I use a huge quantity of plug-ins, so I know there’s a lot of garbage in my database.  Leftovers from deleted plug-ins.  I have database optimizers, but …
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Minamaze theme CSS for links

Links to show and hover in content of Minamaze theme. And get the header menu to show up on phones. CSS success: /* header main menu show for phones*/ #header-links, #pre-header-search { /* display: none;*/ } /* pages */ #content a { color: #F33F3F; text-decoration: none; } #content a:hover { text-decoration: underline; } #content …
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ESL network | status

My Network: is in very good shape.  No problems (post W3 Total Cache plugin) -MultiSite network with 6 sites – all mine. -I have 170 plugins, activated a only few per site. 1). Main Site: 70+ pages, lots of imported content via RSS, occasional network crossposts, YouTube channels/playlists embeds, import auto-post from a blog. …
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