WordFence Never Again

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WordFence is not a plugin for novices or amateurs.   It isn’t a bad plugin, it is well-developed, supported, and maintained.  It is powerful and will take your site down if not used with proper knowledge.  If you simply remove WordFence your site will go down – there is a process to follow with that too. I …
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Manage WP Post Series

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Manage Post Series

I do not want to depend on a plugin for this – too unreliable.  I do have one though: the dev site is Organize Series, to the WP plugin Directory.  If a plugin is abandoned I would have to find/replace/set-up each series with a new plugin.  Sigh. This article suggests creating your own plugin.  But how do I update it? …
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Easily Understand and Improve WP Security

Quality WP security info.  Easy to understand fully and quickly because of the the graphics.  Not another loooong techno-babble article referencing things I never understood to begin with.  I have used a few of the security plugins recommended, they are solid choices – well maintained, stable, and *non-destructive. BulletProof Security is excellent, large amount of features …
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Instant WordPress install, free and easy!

Instant WordPress is self-contained, runs from any drive HDD and USB.  No Windows registry, no bits and pieces everywhere, it is all in one folder.  They are working on a version for Mac.  Follow Instant WordPress on Twitter to find out more. I have been gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair out trying to …
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