Create a WP Favicon

I need a favicon.  This article covers it all.  They use GIMP, free PhotoShop like software,  for the tutorial.  I left out the section about the history of the favicon. Source:   A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO WORDPRESS FAVICONS JOHN HUGHESNOVEMBER 28, 2016 Your brand is undoubtedly going to suffer if you don’t establish a clear …
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Manage Post Series – code your own

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This is very very old.  But interesting to play with.  So I copied the entire thing from:–wp-25414 Adding Post Series Functionality to WordPress With Taxonomies by Barış Ünver16 May 2012 Difficulty:Intermediate Length:Medium PluginsWordPressPHP Ever wrote a “post series” on your blog? If you did, you probably needed to add the links of the other parts …
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Manage WP Post Series

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I do not want to depend on a plugin for this – too unreliable.  I do have one though: the dev site is Organize Series, to the WP plugin Directory.  If a plugin is abandoned I would have to find/replace/set-up each series with a new plugin.  Sigh. This article suggests creating your own plugin.  But how do I update it? …
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How images work on host Giganet

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I do not understand this yet.  But I need to!   From tech support at my new host, Giganet: Hello The image source is set to It’s like you when you have included this photo in your article, you used this external url as source and didn’t upload it on your server. You can include …
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WP Disable Comments

These are a couple of ways to disable comments and the words “comments closed”.  The first one after “also add:” worked for me.  Put it in the style sheet of the theme. 1). .comments-closed { display: none; } also add: .blog .comments-link { display: none; } or simply: .comments-link { display: none; } 2). This …
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Easily Understand and Improve WP Security

Quality WP security info.  Easy to understand fully and quickly because of the the graphics.  Not another loooong techno-babble article referencing things I never understood to begin with.  I have used a few of the security plugins recommended, they are solid choices – well maintained, stable, and *non-destructive. BulletProof Security is excellent, large amount of features …
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WordPress site for newbies – yes you can! It’s easy.

Are you ready for a real WordPress Website?  Your own place to cultivate your own stuff?  Here’s how you do it for almost free.  As close as you can get.  No contracts or hosting pre-payment. First: Do Not go to and download WordPress!  at all. Second:  Try a blog for a while first. …
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