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I needed to change the font color of the red text in the red “read more” box on my static blog page.   The theme has links unmarked, not clearly marked, so I had changed links to red.  Therefore, the text in the  “read more” boxes was red, on a red background.

I had great luck and received a successful solution quickly in the Minamaze Theme support forum.

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Posted 3 hours ago #

I had fixed this in other areas, but now I’m using a static blog page:

I need the Read More font to be white or not red, on the static blog page. (I had to make the links visible site wide, so they are all red.)

Thank you

Posted 2 hours ago #

Add this to the end of your child theme’s style.css file:
.blog #content .more-link {
color: white;

Posted 11 seconds ago #

Works perfectly. Thank you so very much for your help and for responding so quickly.


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