Can I connect Bluetooth devices: transmitter to headphones?

So far, no.  There’s no interface for pairing.  Turning pairing modes off and on is not the key.  So I joined a tech forum,  I will update as I get info.

Here’s the Bluetooth transmitter, below:

Here’s the Bluetooth headphones, below:


I’m a dope!  Directions are in an e-mail from the company:

“please note that in transmitter mode, As normal smartphone do not support Bluetooth audio gateway technology. Bluetooth transmitter can not be paired with your iphone or ipad . It can only be paired with your bluetooth headset or speaker (ps: The smart phone , iPhone and  iPad are not speaker)’

Welcome Setup:

1.Connect the transmitter with your TV via the aux cable
2.Power on the transmitter till with 2 blue light flashes alternately.
3.Open your bluetooth headphone ,make sure the headset in pairing mode.
4.Press the power button of the transmitter quickly to pair with your bluetooth headphone.

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