Ms. Schiber’s Influence on Megan

Ms. Schiber was my daughter’s AP English teacher at Collinsville High. Megan came home after her first day of class terrified. I would tend to believe that Renee expressed her expectations to the class and that scared the crap out of my daughter. Mind you, my daughter always received good grades in school, but Schiber was more demanding than the other teachers. She expected the VERY BEST out of her students at all times. Megan not only began to respect Ms. Schiber, but blossomed under her wing. They had a special bond, since Megan was raised by two 70’s era parents that had a tendency to enjoy the same shows and music as Renee.  Let’s just say Megan got Renee’s jokes and humor, while the other students were left in the dark. She supported Megan by attending her violin concerts and trivia nights. Renee’s team always won at trivia, which was one of her favorite pastimes. My daughter went off to college and later was an intern for Johnathan Kozol. Mr. Kozol is an American writer, educator, and activist. best known for his books on public education in the United States. Megan made Ms. Schiber proud in this endevor. He was one of the few people that Renee looked up to with his writings of poverty and public education. Megan is very upset by Ms. Schiber’s passing, since we just saw her a couple of weeks ago at Anderson Hospital seeming upbeat and thinking of the future. Rest in peace Renee. You will be missed by all of the lives you touched while educating our children.

Loved by All,

Cindy Maddaleno