The R. Schiber AP English Scholarship

The participating AP English students from Collinsville High School will research a specific topic and prepare an essay. One topic will be chosen for the contest each year. The students will present an essay to be judged by local professors, writers, English faculty, and students of Collinsville High School. One winning essay will be chosen and that student awarded the scholarship.
$450.00 donated
5 Donors

This is an annual memorial scholarship in the name of Reta Renée Schiber. Renée was an exceptional English teacher at Collinsville High School in Collinsville, Illinois.  Upon her passing, her former collegues created a scholarship to honor her legacy of inspirational excellence that both challenged and elevated many of her students to high levels of acheivement.

Renée was a brilliant individual, a creative and challenging English teacher, and deeply commited to issues of social injustice in the United States.  She was a compassionate Christian, dedicated to the equality and inclusive teachings of Jesus Christ.  She did not “preach” or use religion, her goal was to guide and educate through the exposure of issues. She preferred to develop and cultivate critical thinking so that her students were capable of forming their own, informed, ideas.  Arguements forged from a solid foundation of information and analysis.  Not to duplicate hers.

We hope to bring Renée’s legacy of informed and skilled argument into the future.  We do so with this scholarship.

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