Reta Renée Schiber
Reta Renée Schiber

We have just created this site and scholarship fund on August 1, 2016.  There is so much more to do!  My sister, Reta Renée Schiber, had so much to offer and to give.  She did so daily, it was her how she lived each day.  She passed away this week, we want her priceless gifts to continue.  There will be photos, stories, memories, links, and more to keep that spirit active and growing.

Reta Renée Schiber was a recently retired and beloved AP English teacher in Collinsville, Illinois.  The R. Schiber AP English Scholarship and fund were initiated by her former colleagues of the Collinsville High School (CHS) English department, immediately following her untimely death on July 31, 2016. With the active support of Renée’s family, we hope to honor and cultivate Renée’s legacy of excellence, dedication, compassion, and conviction.

The annual scholarship will be awarded through an essay competition.  AP English students from CHS will research topics that were dear to Renée.   The essays will be judged by local writers, professors, CHS teachers, and students.

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