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I have a variety of interests that I can barely keep up with. is a place for them, a network of websites I created to collect and catalog my personal projects, discoveries, and ideas. I am a volunteer ESL English teacher, which I recommend to everyone. It's great! is my ESL English network of sites. All are welcome to use them.

King’s Dream watch, read or listen

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what would Jesus do?

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stop talking about it

Crazy Horse

by John Trudell An ethereal aural experience, a poem, tempered by a powerful reality. ~me [youtube=] 6:01 minutes John Trudell Crazy Horse Random:  Misquote “To day is a good day to die.”  Crazy Horse’s actual quote translates into English follows: “To day is a…

living in two cultures

Sherman Alexi Probably the most well-known native American Indian writer of our generation. Sherman Alexie is a preeminent Native American poet, novelist, performer and filmmaker. He is a Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Indian born and raised in the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington. Here in…

How to rob Africa

Corruption in Africa: U.S. citizens complain about giving financial aid to impoverished 3rd World countries, yet as this short documentary made by people from Zimbabwe reveals that the type of corruption that is robbing African nations of millions, billions of dollars involves the…

Unions or freedom?

Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.  – Ronald Reagan

Education and incarceration

‘kill the Indian, save the man’

The system called ‘kill the Indian, save the man‘ still exists.  A system which shipped American Indian children off to boarding schools, in order to assimilate them by eliminating their native heritage.  To replace the lost heritage with Anglo American culture and values,…