US Majority: Openness to foreigners is ‘essential to who we are as a nation’

A new study from the Pew Rearch Center defines America as open and inclusive nation across demographics.

There are people who share President Trump’s vision of an isolated and fearful nation, a majority do not repudiate foreigners. President Trump seems to understand little about what defines us with pride as Americans or makes this country great. Our inclusiveness of people and appropriations of the best they have to offer gives us strength and the ability to excel as a nation.

Mr. Trump has no comprehension of or reverence for our unique process of governance, law, or due process, embodied in the Constitution or what it represents. The spirit in which it was conceived. The President combines his historical ignorance, populism, fear, and shallow civic engagement, to act in a random and wreckless fashion. We will not follow that path.

Most Americans view openness to foreigners as ‘essential to who we are as a nation’

BY SAMANTHA NEAL /Aug 3, 2017 Pew Research Center

For a large majority of Americans, the country’s openness to people from around the world “is essential to who we are as a nation.” In a new Pew Research Center survey, 68% say America’s openness to foreigners is a defining characteristic of the nation, while just 29% say “if America is too open to people from all over the world, we risk losing our identity as a nation.”


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