‘Route to Tyranny’: Human Rights Watch Lists Trump as a ‘Threat’

Totalitarianism continues to permeate my thoughts.  The spectre of fascism seems far-fetched, but I each time I see historically based facets of it come to pass I wonder if this is how it begins.  Daily reminders as we approach the inauguration of Donald Trump.  I’ve watched the political ascension of president elect Donald Trump with dispair because of ease in the acceptance of a “strong man” figure in his intent, language, and tone.   Both in the US and in other western countries.  I find that I am not alone.  The article is an opinion piece from The Independent Journal Review.  It features real news in a disturbing report from Human Rights Watch.

I try not to be too partisan.  But as a side note: I reflect on the contrast that Barack Obama began his presidency of the United States with a Nobel Peace Prize, while Donald Trump begins his tenure labeled a “threat” before he has been sworn into the Oval Office.  (I don’t think Mr. Obama warranted a Nobel Prize, but I understand the sentiment of the Nobel committee to mark a historic event.)

Update – 30jan 2017, Continuing Hallmarks of Fascism:

  • Creation and injection of truths into the public that are unsubstantiated by fact or documentation as proof
  • Villifying and discrediting information or facts, gov’t security agencies, the entire media and journalists
  • Vilifying, segregating, differential treatment of entire segments of populations based on ethnicity, faith, or other pretense prohibited in spirit by the US Constitution


President Elect Donald Trump, Getty Images

“Its latest report was compiled by Human Rights Watch’s Executive Director Kenneth Roth.

Roth wrote, in part:”

“The rise of populism poses a profound threat to human rights. Trump and various politicians in Europe seek power through appeals to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and nativism.

They all claim that the public accepts violations of human rights as supposedly necessary to secure jobs, avoid cultural change, or prevent terrorist attacks. In fact, disregard for human rights offers the likeliest route to tyranny.”

From: http://ijr.com/wildfire/2017/01/778086-president-elect-trump-still-hasnt-taken-office-yet-but-human-rights-watch-just-listed-him-as-a-threat/

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