Grand Jury Verdict “No True Bill” | part two – updated

I began prejudging the victim.  Which is difficult for me, and wrong. – me

Update:  Irregularities in the grand jury process?  I have been greatly impacted by lawyer’s observations.
Question: If Officer Wilson feared for his life, why did he get out of the car?

Michael Brown

When I heard about the “Michael Brown” case, from the beginning, I waited for whatever facts that were released before forming an opinion.  Honestly, once it had been reported that Michael Brown struggled with the officer over that officer’s gun, I began prejudging the victim.  Which is difficult for me.  I think that it is insane to grab an officer’s gun.  I think you can expect to be shot on that alone.  Justified, self-defence, or not.  People have been shot and killed wielding a perceived pocket knife in a “menacing” manner – from an earlier post:  Warning Graphic


I know, a black man, a large – therefore “scary” – black man like young Michael Brown is already blindly menacing.  Such is the climate.  No immediate or violent crime need to have been committed:  The man below, had broken up a fight.  The police arrived.  The police recognized him and confronted him about selling tax-free cigarettes, he protested – ended up dead…


I do not understand aggressing a cop.  This was revealed in the grand jury testimony.  That is bizarre and universally ill-advised.  Still, we have a young man dead.  Profoundly sad.  And a nationwide communal cry for justice.  

Shoot to Kill

I don’t think that enough people realize that people who are trained to use weapons, law enforcement and military, are trained to Shoot to Kill.  They do not shoot to wound, to warn, or slow someone down.

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