History of English Podcast

Excellent!  I highly recommend this series.  Very interesting presentation and approach to history.  And you’ll get to hear a little Middle and Old English.


This is a quick update about the next episode. A cold is preventing me from recording the episode, so I am recommending that everyone check out the most recent episode of the Lexitecture Podcast featuring yours truly. The link is below:

Lexitecture Podcast Episode 26: Mystic Adamant Spoon

Tue, Nov 13, 2018
Source: History of English

The origin of modern naming conventions can be traced to the period immediately following the Norman Conquest. Prior to the Conquest, almost all people in England had a single Anglo-Saxon name. After 1066, parents gave their children names borrowed from French and from the Bible. People also started to acquire second names based on their landholdings, place of origin, parent's name, or some personal characteristic. These were the beginning of many modern [...]

Tue, Oct 16, 2018
Source: History of English

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