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Read Lawrence Mykytiuk's article “Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible” as it originally appeared in Biblical Archaeology Review, January/February 2015. The article was first republished in Bible History Daily in 2014.—Ed.

THE MAN CHRIST JESUS. Did Jesus of Nazareth exist as a real human being? Outside of the New Testament, what is the evidence for his existence? In this article, author Lawrence Mykytiuk examines the extra-Biblical textual and archaeological evidence associated [...]

Tue, Sep 05, 2017
Source: Biblical Archeology Daily
Was the College of Augustales at Herculaneum founded to cope with the socio-economic impact of widespread fluorosis around the Bay of Naples?

By Mary Harrsch © 2017

Modern day school children living around Mount Vesuvius are suffering the effects of drinking ground water contaminated by naturally occurring fluoride generated by chemical changes to the volcanic debris present in the water-bearing strata just as their ancient Roman ancestors did over 2,000 years ago.

"Fluorine is present in [...]
Tue, Aug 29, 2017
Source: Ancient Times

Read Trevor Bryce's article “The Last Days of Hattusa” as it originally appeared in Archaeology Odyssey, January/February 2005. The article was first republished in Bible History Daily in 2013.—Ed.

A helmeted god stands guard over one of the principal entrances to ancient Hattusa. From the 17th to the early 12th century B.C., Hattusa served as the capital of the Hittite empire. Credit: Gianni Dagli Orti/Corbis.

From his capital, Hattusa, in central Anatolia, the last-known Hittite [...]
Tue, Aug 29, 2017
Source: Ancient Cultures

Hershel Shanks

Amihai Mazar (better known as Ami) is one of Israel's most highly regarded archaeologists. He recently retired from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I remember long ago when I featured him on the cover of BAR together with his famous uncle, Benjamin Mazar, a former president of the Hebrew University and a famous archaeologist; Ami was angry. He didn't want to be pictured with his uncle. Ami wanted to make it on his [...]
Sun, Aug 27, 2017
Source: Ancient Cultures

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