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One of the fireplaces at Shubayqa 1, where archaeologists discovered ancient “bread-like” remains that pre-date the emergence of agriculture by at least 4,000 years. Photo: From Arranz-Otaegui et al.

Breads of all forms and tastes are cross-cultural staples of the human diet commonly used in religious ritual or as a delicious complement to any meal. The origins of bread-making in prehistory, however, remain complicated by poor preservation and by [...]
Wed, Jul 25, 2018
Source: Ancient Cultures
A historical resource article by Mary Harrsch © 2018

This morning I received word that a new travel app entitled "Time Travel Rome" was now available for Apple and Android smartphones. This app is said to describe every significant ancient Roman city, fortress, theater, or sanctuary in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa! Actually, I've been told the application includes over 3,000 sites and there are plans to add another 1,000 sites later this year.
I [...]
Mon, Jul 23, 2018
Source: Ancient Times

Field photo and reconstruction of an adult and adolescent skeleton discovered in situ during excavations in the Natufian layer at Raqefet Cave, Mt. Carmel. Images: Photograph reproduced with permission from E. Gernstein. Illustration by A. Regev-Gisis.

Excavations at Raqefet Cave on Mt. Carmel have revealed a number of fascinating insights into the Natufian culture in prehistoric Israel. Archaeological investigations show, for example, that the Natufians—hunter-gatherers living 15,000–11,600 years ago in the Levant—held feasts [...]
Sun, Jul 22, 2018
Source: Ancient Cultures

In the summer of 2015, a team from the Tell Halif archaeological excavation decided to make their own tannur (oven) and bake bread in it. Here, William Jessup University students Rose Kania and Jessica Rentz and Tell Halif supervisor Tim Frank make the clay mixture out of which the tannur will be made. Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Shafer-Elliott.

In his book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, well-known food author Michael Pollan observes a [...]
Sat, Jul 21, 2018
Source: Ancient Cultures
A couple of months ago I posted an article about my efforts to create history-themed skills for Alexa-enabled devices. As I explained, Alexa is Amazon's artificially intelligent voice-activated virtual assistant. I have been working on recreating Gaius Julius Caesar so Roman history enthusiasts can talk with him about Roman culture, his military career, and people he knew during his lifetime.

At the end of June, Amazon approved my new FREE skill "Caesar's Ancient World." [...]
Fri, Jul 20, 2018
Source: Ancient Times

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