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The Bible reflects an intimate knowledge of herbs and spices, which perfumed the Jerusalem Temple (2 Chronicles 2:4), sweetened the home (Song of Songs 7:13) and seasoned meals during the Exodus (Numbers 11:5–6). Repeated references to herbs and spices indicate that the people of the Bible knew how these plants tasted, smelled and looked, where they grew and what medicinal value they provided.

The Bible never gives [...]

Wed, Nov 21, 2018
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Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities recently announced that rare mummified scarab beetles as well as dozens of mummified cats were uncovered in Saqqara, the main necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis (just south of modern Cairo). Archaeological excavations took place in three New Kingdom tombs and four Old Kingdom tombs near Pharaoh Userkaf's pyramid complex. One Old Kingdom tomb, in particular, dating to the Fifth or Sixth Dynasty (c. 24th–22nd [...]

Tue, Nov 13, 2018
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The Caravan of Abram

Abraham's Camels. Did camels exist in Biblical times? Camels appear with Abraham in some Biblical texts—and depictions thereof, such as The Caravan of Abram by James Tissot, based on Genesis 12. When were camels first domesticated? Although camel domestication had not taken place by the time of Abraham in the land of Canaan, it had in Mesopotamia. Photo: PD-1923.

Did camels exist in Biblical times?

Some Biblical texts, such as Genesis 12 and 24, [...]

Mon, Nov 12, 2018
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Make your own mudbrick. Photo: Courtesy Robert Littman and Marta Lorenzon.

While perhaps not all BAR readers have the time and resources to replicate an Iron Age gate or Byzantine mosaic, anyone can make a mudbrick! The recipe is simple—and the ingredients common: As long as you have access to mud, water and straw (or another type of organic material), you, too, can mimic the manufacturing process used by ancient Egyptians—and Israelite slaves—to make mudbricks.

In [...]

Thu, Nov 08, 2018
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Learn the origins of democracy in James Sickinger's article “Origins: …And by the People” from the January/February 2001 issue of Archaeology Odyssey.—Ed.

Origins: …And by the People Democracy we associate with the modern West and ancient Athens, but little in between By James Sickinger

Dave Clarke

Every four years millions of Americans, many of them united by little other than their shared citizenship, flock to schools, churches and other polling places to cast their ballots for our [...]
Tue, Nov 06, 2018
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