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Global/International Current Events.  World news and foreign policy feeds refreshed daily.  Not simply headlines, but ideally covering stories from more in depth sources about the topics of the day.

  • Council on Foreign Relations | The World Next Week podcast is highly listenable, insightful,  informative.  A favorite.
  • The Economist | The Week Ahead podcast
  • Foreign Policy Blogs | The FPA Global Affairs Blog Network site
  • World News | Breaking US News and International News Headlines – GlobalPost is my best global news source.
  • The Ground Truth Project |  Blog of on-the-ground reporting around the world
Across the country, Nigerians have seen an uptick in violent, ostensibly non-political, crime. [...]
Wed, Dec 05, 2018
Source: Africa in Transition – CFR
The Nigerian administration that comes into power following the February elections will face seri [...]
Tue, Dec 04, 2018
Source: Africa in Transition – CFR
Macro Regions Ukraine
Summary of especially comprehensive poll (ca. 10,000 respondents) jointly conducted by Ukraine's three leading sociological services KIIS, Razumkov Centre and Rating Group, in October-November 2018: (1) Prominent presidential candidates' rating among citizens who have made up their minds and plan to vote: Tymoshenko (Fatherland) – 21%, Zelenskyi (comedian) – 11%, Poroshenko (Solidarity) – 10%, Hrytsenko (Civic Position) – 10%, Boyko (Opposition Bloc) [...]
Tue, Dec 04, 2018
Source: Foreign Policy Blogs
Nelson Mandela was born on July 1, 1918, and passed away on December 5, 2013. [...]
Tue, Dec 04, 2018
Source: Africa in Transition – CFR
Over the past two years, the international community, and much of the media, has focused on the s [...]
Mon, Dec 03, 2018
Source: Asia Unbound – CFR

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