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There has been a boom in the interest and exposure of Mongolian golden eagle hunters.  I too find it exciting, and extremely cool.  I found some truly outstanding portraits.  So I have collected some images for me to keep and share – The Eagle Hunters segment.

The Eagles

The golden eagle is huge.  Eagles are huge.  They are, by nature, fierce predators capable of bringing down prey as large as deer and wolf.  They are stealthy enough to catch rabbit, squirrel and fox.  Female eagles are larger than males and therefore the gender of choice for eagle hunters.

 The Mongolian hunters do not farm-raise the eagles.  Eaglets are captured young and remain with the hunter for several years, until well into maturity when they are released back into the wild.  The nature of the eagle is not subdued nor harnessed.  The eagle and hunter develop together.



 The eagle may not ever return to the hunter, at any moment of its choosing.


The Eagle Hunters


photo by Palani Mohan











And the 13 year old huntress from a BBC article that helped inspire me to finish this post…


doing what little girls do…





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