Portrait of a Living Saint

I love portrait photography.  This one is striking and of an interesting man.  He is Dobri Dobrev,   a 100-year-old beggar shown here in a threadbare coat. “Grandpa” Dobri, is already celebrated as a saint in Bulgaria:  The Saint of Bailovo — a symbol of goodness in a country ravaged by poverty and corruption. RS

“The good will is just and true. Everything in it is good. We must not lie, nor steal, nor commit adultery. We must love each other as God loves us.”

He is a Bulgarian ascetic who walks several kilometers each day to sit or stand in front of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia to collect money for charitable causes.  Over the course of his lifetime, Dobrev has donated over 80,000 Bulgarian lev (40,000 euros) to churches, monasteries, orphanages, and other noble deeds.  – wiki


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